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Ask about the benefits of Medicare Supplement plans in Tennessee

If you have Medicare Part A or B, contact Artizan Insurance today. Depending on your plan options, our reliable insurance agents in Watertown & Wilson County, TN might be able to help you receive additional coverage with a Medicare Supplement plan.

Don't get stuck with an expensive medical bill due to a lack of coverage. Call Artizan Insurance at 615-697-5066 today to sign up for additional Medicare coverage.

Are you or someone you know turning 65 or if you are on Medicare at all, are you sure you have all your options? Instead of talking to strangers, wouldn't it be nice to have a local agent helping you step by step? Vickie Frazier your independent Insurance Agent right her in Middle Tennessee is a real person in our area that will work with you for years to come. Vickie Frazier represents most insurance companies and would be happy to help you at no charge. As a State Licensed, Trained and certified Insurance Producer, Vickie Frazier can go over all of your Medicare options...how to cover that other 20 percent... how to choose a Part D plan...and plans starting at zero dollars per month. Give her a call today at 615-697-5066. Vickie Frazier is more than ready to help Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare questions and enrollments.

-Tony Cappuccilli, WNAH Radio

Why should you sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan?

Medicare Supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies. They're designed to cover your health care costs that Medicare doesn't.

Contact us today to receive a free quote for Medicare Supplement coverage.

Here are three additional benefits of this program:

There's no insurance premium or deductible to meet.

Coverage often includes vision, dental and hearing.

It's extremely affordable for the exceptional coverage you receive.